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Keep rising everyday with Mendi - the powerful brain health system that boosts your mental wellbeing, performance and health.

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For Mental Wellbeing

Your brain function is essential to your mental and neurological wellbeing. It's time to take back control, for happier days.

Used for: Reduced Stress, Increased Attention& Focus, Better Sleep, Mood Control, among others.

Enhanced Performance

A well-functioning brain is key to high performance. World-class individuals use brain training to go to the next level. 

This includes: Artists, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, US Special Forces, Esports and more.

 For Your Overall Health

Your overall health starts in your brain. Training your brain affects every part of your body, for better health inside and out.

Healthy brain means better physical wellbeing.

A recognized method

CEOs, Artists, Athletes and NASA pilots have been using brain enhancement training to improve health and cognitive abilities for years. The fundamental skill that separates top performers from ordinary people is their ability to control their brain activity, allowing them to effectively shift between mental states.

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Control the game, 

Train your brain

Mendi is a 100% natural brain training product. The device measures your brain activity and visualizes it in a fun and easy to use training app so you can improve your brain naturally. 

With just 10-15 mins training, 2-3 times per week, you can achieve major improvements in a safe and natural way. 

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The first and only brain health system for home use.